Building a Legacy

Andrew Nicholson was born 5/30/1989 and died 7/7/2023. He was a life long sports enthusiast and player. He grew up playing Little League and soccer and loved all things “Seattle sports.” Andrew had a big heart, infectious laugh and bright smile. He always wanted to help others and was a friend to many. Andrew leaves a huge hole in the lives of his parents, Doug and Karen Nicholson, sister Kia Nicholson, Auntie Kate Coffee,  niece and nephew Mari and Lukas, and a large extended family.

Andrew’s family wanted to remember his legacy by encouraging his friends and family to make donations to a cause that would have been close to his heart. They chose Seattle Adaptive Sports because it represents two things he loved in life: sports and his niece Mari who lives with a disability.

Seattle Adaptive Sports is honored and humbled to be chosen for this opportunity. Donations received will be distributed among all of our programs to support our athletes in competitions in 2023-2024. We would like to sincerely thank the Nicholson family and all of the donors who have contributed to this fund.

Below you will find messages in memory of Andrew and this legacy he is providing to help our athletes.

Messages From Andrew’s Friends and Family

“In memory of Andrew Nicholson, who brightened the world for all those around him. I am so sorry you left us so soon.”

– Johanna Polit

In memory of Andrew Nicholson and his love for his niece Mari.

– Rebecca Hood

“In memory of one of my best friends Andrew. Lord Boody Doo. I’ll never forget you. You were one of the most kind and patient people I ever met. An absolutely amazing listener and an even better friend. I love you so much. Till next time brother 🫶”

– Connor Fredericksen

“Andrew was such a great friend to my son, Connor. His love was unconditional and his smile infectious. I always looked forward to seeing him on my visits to Seattle. He always brightened my day! He will be missed by all! So sorry for your loss 💔”

– Mary Fredericksen

“In memory of one of the coolest cousins out there, and in honor of the love he had for Mari. We will miss you down here forever, Andrew.”

– Brittany Nicholson

“This donation is in honor of Andrew Nicholson. While we weren’t lucky enough to know him personally, his mother has touched countless lives through her years of service through education.”

-Amy Moreno

“Thinking of you and your family.”

– Love, Andy and Shelly Sleighter

“We are so sorry for your loss and are thinking of you and your family.”

-Lauren, Anna, Thiagu, David, and Vince

“We are so sorry for your loss of Andrew. He will always have a place in our hearts.”

-Bob and Mary Launch

“Sending much love to your family.”

– Melinda

“For my birthday buddy, Andrew, with love and support for those who love you.”

– Stacie Rowan

“There is no amount of money to show how sorry I am! From spring training, to video games, to swimming at the NorthRidge pool, to that memorable 6th grade talent show 🙂 So so many memories of Andrew that will always be with me.”

– Robyn Matthews

“This donation is in memory of Andrew Douglas Nicholson. a long time family friend who passed on 07-07-23.”

– Marianna Salvador

“This is in loving memory of Andrew Nicholson, a young man gone way too soon. My heart goes out to his wonderful family in this tragic loss. You are loved.”

– Julie Jorgensen

“Andrew loved his niece very much and she will need this kind of equipment now and in her future. He would love knowing he had a hand in helping children.”

– Kathy Coffee

“My hope is that this small act will bring some peace and comfort to Andrew’s family.”

Tyler Kessinger