Seattle Adaptive Sports encourages participation in one or all sports and recreation programs offered by the organization. Membership is required for anyone who participates in three or more practice sessions and all programs are included in one (1) annual membership.

Membership is granted after an athlete or guardian completes and submits their annual Athlete Information Form and pays the member registration fee. Payment can be made via Paypal using the "Pay Now" icon below or we can accept mailed checks. By registering, the applicant agrees to comply with all the provisions set by Seattle Adaptive Sports and the National Governing Body (NGB) of their chosen sport, including a Code of Conduct and Team Policies. 


  • Participation in programs dedicated to the advancement of adaptive sports for competitive and recreational purposes
  • Opportunity to participate in sanctioned events, if athlete meets selection criteria
  • Private Facebook group and emails for communication
  • Priority access to community outreach events


Upon receipt of your membership dues and a completed Annual Athlete Information Form, you will receive a notification that

you are a member in good standing.  You may submit your form directly to your coach or email it to info@seattleadaptivesports.org

Seattle Adaptive Sports, at its sole discretion reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant(s) for membership.

All participants must have the ability to follow a sequence of instructions and have adequate upper body control.
Some equipment is available for loaning. 

A shield-shaped logo that says Seattle Adaptive Sports in white text over a green banner. The logo is outlines in blue and has four smaller graphic images below the text: a swimmer, barbell, basketball hoop, and a racing wheelchair.