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Seattle Adaptive Sports provides equipment usage on a first come, first serve basis for interested individuals seeking to participate in local road races, personal recreation and/or high school students who will be joining their school track team.

Future plans are to start a wheelchair and ambulatory track and field team. If you are interested in more information, please contact us at info@seattleadaptivesports.org. If you are a track and/or field coach interested in providing your expertise, we welcome your support.

The team is a member of the Adaptive Sports USA

A membership fee to
Adaptive Sports USA can be required for athletes participating in National sanctioned competitions of track/field.

All participants must have the ability to follow a sequence of instruction and have adequate upper body control. Some equipment is available for loaning. 


Up to 6 month Usage Fee of Track Racer $100

For information on competing with your high school track and field team:
have your school Athletic Department and Track/Field coach review the
WIAA ParaStudent (wheelchair and ambulatory) Policies and
WIAA Coaching School Wheelchair Track Presentation by Tami English and Teresa Skinner

Wheelchair Track and Field 101

Coaching Staff

Contact info@seattleadaptivesports.org or (206) 963-0916 for inquiries