THANK YOU to the support of Kiwanis Camp Casey counselors for their dedication to making a difference and leading by example for our youth.


The CREW youth social

The CREW Youth Social is for youth and young adults with physical disabilities
looking for a fun time hanging out with friends. This group is an awesome "CREW" of teens and young adults who get together to hang out. Associated with Seattle Adaptive Sports and Seattle Parks and Recreation: Specialized Programs, the Crew is composed primarily of past, present, and future campers and counselors of Kiwanis Camp Casey, although anyone is welcome to join us.
Casey Forever!!

These social activities include time with friends eating pizza and playing games, doing a service project,  attending the RED DANCE, going to the annual 'CREW Hit's the Zoo' and other outings that the club plans.

Cost for The Crew varies depending on activities. Many are Free.

Scholarships through Seattle Parks and Recreation are available.

All participants must have the ability to follow a sequence of instruction 
and require minimum help in self care.

The CREW Youth Social

HUGE Thank You
to Seattle Parks & Recreation: Specialized Programs
for scheduling fun activities

Check THE CREW CLUB Facebook page

for the next event.

Other dates

February is the RED DANCE

August is The CREW Hit's the Zoo (Woodland Park Zoo)

Search for The CREW Club Facebook group  and ask to be added.

Due to weather or holidays, an occasional CREW
maybe cancelled. Check the Calendar.

Youth Mentor Staff
Seattle Parks Staff Allison  (206) 684-4950
Mentor Marcus Lew