Fall 2018
Seattle, WA

BEST of the west championships 



December 1 -2, 2018
West Seattle High School 

Division II & Division III Basketball Tournament

March 10 & 11, 2018
West Seattle High School 

Dribble on Wheels basketball camp offers youth and
adults with physical disabilities, for the 18th year, a
quality wheelchair basketball camp experience. Whether
you are just starting out or trying to take your game to the
next level, this camp will help you reach your full potential
all while having fun! A great place to learn the game if you
are new to the sport or continuing to challenge yourself to
reach a goal. The 2-day camp keeps the purpose focused
on working the fundamentals to the point of mastery to give
each player a strong foundation from which to grow their game.  Attendees will work to learn and/or approve on: Ball Handling, Shooting, Hand Eye Coordination, Defense/Offense and Team Work.

All participants must have the ability to follow a sequence of instruction and have adequate upper body control to maneuver a manual wheelchair. Some equipment is available for use by campers.

                                                   REGISTRATION AVAILABLE SOON