1970 - Families in the Puget Sound with children born with Spina Bifida found a support organization called the Spina Bifida Association of Puget Sound.
1991 – Jim Martinson - local wounded warrior and advocate for disabled sports- meets the Spina Bifida Association and introduces track racing & field, followed by an adaptive swimming team.
1999 – The Seattle Jr Sonics wheelchair basketball team is founded and featured on a Team Cheerios cereal box.
2003 – To better serve the purpose of the organization, the name is changed to Northwest Wheelchair Sports.
2005 – The organization is renamed to Northwest Adaptive Sports. The Seattle Jr Sonics attend their first NWBA National Championship Tournament.
2007 - Washington State is the first state to accept high school wheelchair athletes to team scoring in track and field. Seattle hosts the NWBA Prep National Championships to 9 teams from across the country..
2008 – The organization changes names to Seattle Adaptive Sports and adds adult teams. SAS hosts NWBA Varsity National Championships to the top 16 junior teams in the country.
2009 – SAS founds The CREW Youth Social Mentoring program to provide a youth social outlet.
2011 – SAS forms the Seattle Storm women’s basketball team and joins the NWBA Women’s Division.
2012 – A USA Hockey clinic attended by over 30 athletes and guest USA Paralympic Team members leads to the formation of the Seattle Thunderbirds Sled Hockey team.
2013 – SAS forms the Seattle Power Soccer team,

2014 - SAS holds its 1st Annual Paralympic Sports Day to over 100 individuals with physical disabilities

2015 - For the first time, SAS sends 4 basketball teams to NWBA National Championships.

2016 - The Seattle Storm host NWBA Women's National Championships. The Sno-King Thunderbird Sled Hockey team host their first ever sled hockey game at the Showare Center. SAS initiates a wheelchair tennis program for Seattle. 

Our History

Meet our board

Our Board of Directors are the senior leaders of our organization - they set our strategic direction and are among our greatest advocates. 

Ben Chao | President

Corrie Frasier | Vice President

Who we ARE

Seattle Adaptive Sports (SAS) is a non-profit,

501(c)(3) organization recognized by the US Olympic/Paralympic Committee as a Paralympic Sports Club. SAS exists to empower people with physical disabilities to push beyond their limits and reach their full potential.

We believe that team sports are a powerful vehicle for personal growth & development for people with disabilities. As Western Washington's leading adaptive sports organization, we build and support recreational and nationally competitive teams - wheelchair basketball , sled hockey, and power soccer --and provide opportunities for our athletes & the community to compete, learn, and grow.

To empower people with physical disabilities to push beyond their limits and reach their full potential

Seattle Adaptive Sports will be a world-class hub that connects athletes and the community to compete, learn, and grow.

We know we are world class when:

    1. Our people feel like owners & do 

        great things,

    2. People know us &we know people,
    3. We carry versatile & deep expertise, and
    4. We are well-resourced.